Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Directory about?

How do I list my Security business here?

I have some negative reviews, what should I do?

I want to add more information about my business, how can I update my page?

What is a Featured Listing?

How can I see how many visitors have seen my business page?

How can I upload or delete a picture on my page?

1. What is the Directory about?

The London Security Directory that has been created specifically for you, the security professional. Here you can add your business and take control of all your information. You can also take advantage of a number of exclusive features such as a greater choice of keywords, better positioning on listings pages, and more control over the content that appears on your place page.


2. How do I start using The Security Directory?

At the top of all our pages you’ll find a link that reads “Security Companies”. Click the link and then click the dropdown menu "Add Entry". You will have to register in order to add your companyIt’s free, easy, and quick to do.


3. I have some negative reviews, what should I do?

Receiving a negative review is certainly not what you wanted or expected and can be tough at times, it even might be unfair in your view. Keep in mind that it’s your reaction that makes the difference to how the customer (and other community members if you answer publicly) will perceive you and your business.

1. You can contact us so that we can take a look at the review and contact the user if necessary. Please provide as much detail as you can, including a link to the individual review, and the specific points that you feel are unfair.

2. If the review adheres to the community guidelines, you can respond to the reviewer publicly or in private. Keep in mind that potential customers may see your reply, and you should keep your response friendly, measured and polite. 

3. Make sure you thank the user for his feedback, and show him that you’ve taken his statement into account as he took the effort to review your business.

4. If the user has a genuine complaint explain what you have done or will do to address the issue. Any review, whether it’s negative or positive, shows that the customer has a genuine interest in your business. There are many examples of business owners on the Security Directory who have turned an initially negative experience into a good one, and created a healthy and productive relationship with the London Security Directory community.

4. I want to add more information about my business, how can I update my page?

Editing entries in the directory is easy and gives you greater control over the information that appears there. It’s also completely free. All you need to do is find your place page on London Security Directory and click the “Edit” link. 
shows how users can edit their entry
Once you’ve registered your business, clicking on the "House Image" link on the top of the Directory homepage will take you through the steps for updating your information.

5. What is a Featured Listing?

Upgrading your London Security Directory listing to Premium gives you access to additional features to promote your business and consequently, gain more visibility online. Additionally, a Premium Listing can appear on the home page as banner on the top or in the right column. A Premium listing gives you the tools & that extra edge to get your business noticed. As all our London Security Directory listings are search-engine optimised (whether Free or Premium), the more content you add/have, the better chance to be seen on London Security Directory as well as indexed on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing…

6. How can I see how many visitors have seen my business page?

To view your traffic statistics log in to into your account page and in the home page you will find  “statistics”  section in the lower right corner. All the options relating to your traffic statistics are showed there.

shows where users can manage their entries


7. How can I upload or delete a picture on my business page?

To upload or delete a picture(logo) you need to

  • Log in your account
  • Navigate to the blue square home button
  • Click "Edit" entry
  • Find the picture(logo) section and upload you image there.


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