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Security has become a major concern in the world today. This has been brought caused by different factors including unemployment, increase of gang related activities in the society and drug affiliated activities. This has led to high demand of security personnel. However, some questions have been raised on issue regarding the well being of staff in regard to professionalism

For a security guard to get hired, the following few tips ought to be followed with keen.

For a security guard to get hired, the following general tips ought to be followed. For more personalized information read our Guide To Security Jobs

Display relevant skills in providing services to customers.

The employer needs a person who possesses the right service skills while serving customers. The regular duties in a security job most entail dealing and helping other people in the line of duty. Many people prefer asking questions to security guards in case they are stranded. Solving their problems require a person with the right skills. On the application for the job, clearly indicate any past experiences in relation to customer service. Give an example of when and where you helped people and how that helped you to becoming a security guard with quality standards.
Throughout the interview, remain friendly and show skills to prove they are not only indicated in the paper. This is accomplished by conversing well with the interviewer.


Must have passed training and completed paperwork
Common requirement is security guards to complete a number of hours in training before they can apply for any security job. Others require a full vetting(usually for a period of five years prior application) plus other certifications such as First Aid. To be on the safe side while applying for any security guard job, one needs to be familiar with basic legilslation.


Get to know what the job requires of you.

Try and convince the interviewers that understand what the security job entails. This will make them believe that you are right person for the job. Before the interview, read and understand the job description and requirements. This will enable you to answer questions easily and in an orderly manner.

Check the referees list.

Referees include other people who can reveal ones past relevant security job performance and ethics. The employer to be contacts these people to get and confirm information about you. Inform the referees about an expected call and give them details of what is expected of them.
Former bosses and workmates are the best people who can be on that list. Ensure they are people you have good relations with. People who will give positive information on your personality and the quality of work you can do.
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