Security Consultancy

Security is major concern for people today. With recent revelations of Government espionage activities (spying on their own people) no one really trusts the brand of protection that their country provides anymore. Hence, some of these people prefer their security to be privatized. This allows them to know exactly where and how their money is going to work to keep them safe. This is where consultancy comes in. These people may know the importance of security but only a consultant, a security consultant, will know its correct implementation.

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Security in the future. Will machines replace humans?

Security in the future. Will machines replace humans?

At the pace in which the technological advancements are heading it seems inevitable that our future will look somewhat close to a sci-fi movie and such a scenario deems more plausible day by day. 

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Residential security

Residential Security

Residential security is probably the most common type of privatized security that is utilized. It is there because although the government invest billions of dollars behind ‘security’ the actual service is only good for aftermath of a crime, not during taking place. 


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CCTV in the UK

CCTV in the United Kingdom

cctv uk

The UK is being watched by a network of 1.85m CCTV cameras, the vast majority of which are run by private companies, according to the only large-scale audit of surveillance cameras ever conducted.




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Female Security Guards

What prospects do women have in the Security Industry in United Kingdom?

It is fact that men form the majority of employees in the security industry. It is traditionally a mens territory but the landscape has shifted dramatically and a lot of women are considering building careers in it.

The days when security was 100% men's business are gone and as the stereotype dies more and more women are getting involved in the sector.

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Security Systems

In the UK, there are many security companies that provide effective home surveillance aimed at stopping as well as responding to breaches in security. 

Security companies compete amongst each other thereby ensuring their services are of high quality. With emergence of the modern wireless security systems, it’s possible for home owners to access their home security status from any location. Were it not for competition, such advances in technology would not have been achieved. Homes would be prone to more dangers of insecurity.


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