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Sia Licence in a nutshell

sia licence license cp exampleSIA(Security Industry Authority) Licence is a must and required by low for one to be able to work in security, for example as a door supervisor..

Equipping oneself with an SIA licence requires a simple procedure. The SIA licensing process and the requirements are discussed below. For detailed information about  applying please read SIA Licence: What Documents Do I Need to Provide?




Steps into getting the SIA licence

  • Attend training and pass
  • Submit an application form to the SIA.
  • Submit your identity card along with training certificate
  • Pay the licence fee
  • Get a clearance certificate from any criminal records.
  • Finally you get the SIA licence.


What do you require to get the SIA licence?

Any candidate who may wish to apply for the license and is currently undergoing the security training must have attained the age of 18 years and above.

One must produce at least one identity document with a photo embedded i.e. driving licence or passport.

Two forms which serve as proof of address address.

They must be dated by SIA within a timeframe of three months.

 Chech our list of security training providers


Read the detailed SIA Licencing Manual


Duration of the Application Process

At least 80% of all correctly completed applications handed in are processed within a period of 25 days (working). The 25 days starts counting immediately any form is entered in our administration systp and ends when a decision is made.

If it happens that the form is sent back to you for having incorrectly filled it, the twenty five day period is reset and starts again afresh when the corrected application gets back to us.

For overseas applicants and those that require thorough checks on criminality related issues, SIA licence processing may take more time than usual (25 days).



SIA accepts payments in UK sterling pound only. It only charges a standard fee of £220.

SIA payments can be done via various means. The common ones are postal order, bankers draft, UK credit and debit cards and checks based on an account from a bank in UK. All checks must be correctly addressed to “Security Industry Authority”.

The fee is paid in full once the application is submitted. No refunds are made if an application is denied. There exists legal means that one can challenge the SIA decisions. Rare situations however arise where employers take charge and pay for the SIA license.

For license applications made front line, one must have successfully completed a programme on SIA training. Relevant qualifications must have been attained in line with the kind of license being applied for.


What are the penalties for working without the licence?

Severe penalties are conferred to anyone found working without the SIA license. One who holds a licensable position must have the SIA license. Caution taken in that, pployers will be charged differently and their position in your case rpains insignificant.

Those working as individuals face a fine of up to £500 and/or an imprisonment period of up to six months. This will be done upon successful conviction at a magistrate’s court, district court or a sheriff court. The best way out is to get SIA license and be free of any worries.

SIA licensing has been beneficial in promoting professionalism in private security as a whole. However, care should be taken in flashing out fake licenses issued fraudulently. It has been evident it is through licensing private security job has been transformed from being ridiculed as professional respected career.SIA has set an example and should be pulated around the world. Through good co-ordination of government and SIA, it will take private security to another level.

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